6 Things To Do Before Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows

Installing replacement windows can be an exciting time for a homeowner.

After all, we all want a beautiful home that makes us feel comfortable and confident. Since windows are such a visible feature of every home, they are an easy way to improve its overall design.

There a number of reasons you might consider installing replacement windows in your home. Perhaps your current windows look worn out or have become difficult to operate. Maybe they are not energy efficient or even sound-proof.

Regardless of your reason, all home improvement projects require some lead time and preparation in order to be completed successfully. Installing replacement windows is no exception to this rule.

So before you head to a window dealer to start scheduling an installation, consider completing the following tasks. If you do, the entire replacement process is bound to go over more smoothly.

Keep reading to learn what 6 things to do before installing replacement windows.

1.  Assess your current windows

  • How much do you actually know about your current windows?
  • Do you know what shape, style or material they are? Sure, they seem outdated, but do you know how old they are?
  • Despite the many important roles that windows play within our homes, they are not typically top-of-mind for homeowners. As a result, we don’t always understand them as well as we’d like to believe. If unaddressed, this can cause confusion during the replacement process.
  • Before installing replacement windows, evaluate your current set-up and try to familiarize yourself with as many details as possible. Identify the window brand. Determine whether your windows are single or double paned. Sketch the shape of your existing window frames down on some paper. Measure the width of the window openings.
  • Without this information, it is impossible to accurately compare new windows against the ones in your home.

2. Decide what you want

  • Truthfully, the best material for any home improvement project depends on its homeowners’ style, climate and budget. So in order to select the right materials for your home, you’ll have to decide what you
  • Before installing replacement windows, ask yourself: What do I hope to accomplish with this project? What are your top priorities and what is your best case scenario? Not only will these answers help inform your hardware selection, but they may end up keeping your entire project on track.
  • For example, if saving money is more important than soundproofing your home, there is a specific window for that (single pane). If low maintenance is more important than traditional design, there is a material for that (vinyl windows).
  • The same logic applies to dozens of different scenarios. Knowing your end-goal can help you navigate the selection efficiently.

3. Consider your options

  • When it comes to replacement windows, there are hundreds of different styles and possible combinations to choose from. Many of these options play drastically different purposes in the home. So it’s important to select a window that aligns with your expectations.
  • Naturally, there are unique advantages and shortcomings in every window option. Some materials are stronger than others; some are cheaper or require less maintenance. Some shapes make more of a statement, but will require structural changes to your home. The trade-offs are constant.
  • In reality, there is no rule of thumb to blindly follow when shopping for new windows. So before installing replacement windows, it’s important to learn about every available option. Only then can you make an accurate decision that fits the specific needs of your

4. Learn the language

  • Once you have narrowed down your options and decided which type of windows you are interested in, it’s time to prepare to speak to a professional.
  • Imagine this: You arrive at a window dealer (hopefully one of our Windowrama showrooms) and begin browsing through inventory. Then suddenly, you find yourself dumbfounded by some odd terms in the product descriptions.
  • How the heck are you supposed to know what glazing or low-e is? What’s the deal with all of this industry jargon anyway?
  • When it finally comes time to select your new windows, you are bound to encounter some unfamiliar phrases. Understanding these will only make your experience go more smoothly. So before installing replacement windows, consider doing some research on key terms.
  • If you are ready to get started, check out our guide to reading a window label.

5. Select a Window Dealer

  • After learning the language of the trade, you are probably even more eager to get started on your replacement project.
  • Well, before installing replacement windows, you are going to need to purchase new windows. So the next step is to locate a credible window dealer where you can compare different products first-hand.
  • When searching for a window dealer, look for those with a well-staffed showroom and a wide variety of brands. Before purchasing anything, try to experience a few different products in a real home-like setting. It’s important to know exactly how your windows will look and feel after the installation.
  • Luckily, WindowRama has more than twenty showrooms located throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. So wherever you are, you are never too far from a trustworthy dealer.

6. Consult a professional

  • Remember: A quality installation is extremely important if you want to reap all the potential benefits from your new windows. So make sure you consult with an expert before installing replacement windows.
  • Fortunately, WindowRama offers highly professional installation at reasonable prices. Whether you are shopping for new construction or simply insert replacements, our licensed, insured staff can get the job done efficiently.
  • Plus, we make sure that your new windows are installed in accordance with their brand’s guidelines. So you can relax knowing your home will remain in good hands.

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