DIY Window Planter Box Ideas

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How a DIY window planter box can enhance your home

A simple Window Flower Box and DIY window planter box can increase your home’s curb appeal and deepen its connection to nature — all while staying on budget.

●     What is a Window Flower Box?

●     Benefits of a Window Flower Box

●     How to make a Window Flower Box DIY

We all want a beautiful home in which we can be comfortable. That desire is the driving force behind many of our decisions. It motivates us to invest — first in our homes, then in security enhancements, expansive glass walls, or replacement windows and doors. Ultimately, it inspires us to live the way we do.

That is not the full story, though.

In addition to feeling good, most homeowners want to stand out. We want neighbors to envy our perfect homes, visitors to awe at their beauty, and eventual buyers to bid without reservation. As humans, we strive to be recognized. That’s why we obsess over every detail in our homes.

Not every enhancement requires a full scale renovation though. We at WindowRama understand that. While many people associate “home improvement” with large, expensive projects, we believe that smaller tweaks — especially when completed with an eye to detail — can make a world of difference.

In particular, adding a Window Flower Box to your home’s exterior is an easy way to give it some spunk. As one of the simplest additions you can make to a home, a Flower Box is both a fun project and a low-stakes investment with a high potential reward.

What is a Window Flower Box?

Window planter box ideas

A Window Flower Box is a decorative bucket of vegetation that hangs below your window sill to add a splash of greenery. Often referred to as a “Planter Box,” it is perfect for raising a small garden of flowers, herbs and vegetation. Each box not only displays the fruits of your labor, but it breathes life into your home’s exterior.

There has never been a better time to complete a Planter Box DIY project. As temperatures drop and we begin to prepare for the unusual summer ahead, you are probably looking for ways to entertain yourself at home while also remaining productive. And whether you are a professional home builder, or a burgeoning handyman, making a Flower Box is easy.

Each Window Flower Box is composed of only a few basic materials, which can be purchased from your local home improvement store. Despite the simplicity of Window Box designs, the finished-products can deliver a number of benefits to your home. Among them: increased curb appeal, better air quality and easier access to gardening.

Flower Boxes Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Most homeowners install Window Flower Boxes to boost their home’s curb appeal. They enhance our living spaces by adding natural charm and inspire us to reconnect with the outside world. Every home can benefit from a little extra greenery. That’s why landscaping and lawn mowing are such popular specialties. This in mind, no home feels complete without an eye-catching lawn, garden or Window Flower Box.

Whether you are adding finishing touches to a sprawling mansion or simply looking to make the most out of a humble starter home, installing a Flower Box is an opportunity to add a touch of organic beauty. To maximize impact, consider the shape, style and color of your Flower Box — all of which can be customized to match your home’s look and feel. And substitute the plants inside, at your will, to achieve a filled in look.

Flower Boxes Help You Live Healthier

DIY window planter box

We are all searching for ways to feel healthy and be happy. That’s why “organic” products and plant-based diets are so commonplace. Yet some folks seem to forget that an old-fashioned garden — you know, the kind you plant, water and raise flowers in? — is the best foundation for a natural lifestyle. It may require a routine of watering plants, but its benefits outweigh its costs.

There are many health benefits associated with having plants around your home. Some are straightforward — such as plants’ ability to improve air quality. Others are more nuanced. For example: Experts believe exposure to plant life makes us happier, less distracted, more compassionate and immune to more illnesses. Installing a Flower Box in your home can provide many of these benefits.

Flower Boxes Make Gardening Easier

How to make a window flower box

In addition to providing health benefits, Flower Boxes make gardening easier and more efficient. By confining each land plot to a limited space, they stop weeds from forming and help prevent chunks of potting soil from clunking together. Additionally, the sides of the boxes act as a barrier against insects while the drainage holes keep water levels comfortable.

Most importantly, Flower Boxes reduce the physical toll of gardening. By raising the soil to a reachable level, they eliminate the need to bend over to tend to our plants, thus reducing back strain and other orthopedic pressures. This is especially valuable for older homeowners whose range of motion is limited. For some gardeners, it is the only benefit that matters.

Get started

As window professionals, we at WindowRama know that each opening in your home is an opportunity to enhance its overall look and feel. That’s why we vigorously monitor the home improvement industry to help you stay up to date on trends. However, we are not in the business of producing woodworking tutorials. Plenty of folk do that better than we could.

Before you embark on a Planter Box DIY project, we recommend consulting with an expert. It does not need to be a formal sit down — simply reading a blog post or doing research online can be sufficient. Just try to get familiar with the process so you don’t run into surprises. In the end, this will make the experience more fun.

Below is a brief list of credible sources you can reference for step-by-step instructions on how to build a Planter Box DIY Project. Each publication puts a unique twist on the project. For a full range of window planter box ideas, consider reading through each.

●     HGTV: “How To Build A Window Box”

●     The Rehab Life: “The $20 Window Planter Box – Easy DIY Project”

●     Robin Lewis Makes: “DIY Window Planter Box”

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