How To Fix Window Blinds

How to fix window blinds

As our name suggests, we at WindowRama are constantly thinking about windows. Our licensed professionals pride themselves on being knowledgeable about everything related to windows — including materials, styles, brands and components. That knowledge extends to window blinds — how to choose, install and, if necessary, how to fix window blinds them. So, whether you are simply looking to learn more about blinds, or to repair your damaged ones, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about window blinds — the benefits of having them, the most common issues associated with them, and which brands to trust when you are ready to shop for them.

Why bother with window blinds?

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Since we already mentioned fixing window blinds, you may be asking yourself: Why bother installing window blinds if they may break? The answer is simple: The benefits of window blinds outweigh the potential headaches.

Installing window blinds is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to change the appearance of a room in your home. Not only are blinds easy to install, but they provide you with more control over the amount of light entering the room; create an additional layer of privacy between your home and the outside world; and possess infinite potential to enhance your home’s design.

Just be warned — blinds are susceptible to the wear-and-tear of everyday life. Kids, pets and even absent-minded partners can cause damage that requires attention. Fortunately most blind-related problems are quick and easy to fix. However, someone will have to put the time in.

How to fix window blinds

Below we walk through solutions to some of the most common problems with window blinds encountered by homeowners. Keep reading to learn how to fix window blinds.

Broken Slat On A Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds — often seen on sliding doors that lead outside — tend to be installed in high-traffic areas. Since their slats dangle within arms-reach of those passing by, they may be tempting for children to grab and pets to swat. As a result, one may fall down…

Fortunately, slats are not so difficult to rehang. At the top of the ripped off-slat, there should be a slot that’s supposed to go in a clip, which fastens to the headrail. As a quick fix, flip the blind upside down and punch a hole through the other end. Then, you can hang it back up.

Cracked or Bent Window Blinds Slat

Fixing window blinds

Anyone with window blinds is bound to experience a broken slat eventually. Blinds can crack or bend if children are rough with them — or even if someone innocently pulls closed them apart to catch a glance outside.

Fortunately, one damaged slat does not call for a whole new window treatment. If you have an extra slat, simply remove the cracked blind and replace it. If not, just move a slat from the bottom to the damaged slat’s position.

Window Blind Has a Broken Lift Cord

The lift cord is an essential component to the blind’s functionality. Without the cord, you cannot open and close the blinds, thus you cannot reap their benefits — particularly light control.

Thankfully it’s easy to replace the lift cord yourself. Pick one up at your local hardware store, or reach out to a blinds manufacturer if you can’t find one. Either way, your blinds should be back to fully operational soon.

Jammed Vertical Blinds

Any homeowner who’s had vertical window blinds for long enough knows the frustrating feeling of encountering jammed blinds. You try to open them but they just won’t budge. It’s incredibly annoying — but it’s also fixable.

Quit forcing the blinds open and take a step back. Search for the source of the jam, then gently resolve it. It’s the only way to fix the blinds without risking breaking something.

Avoiding Issues

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If you experienced any of the issues above, don’t worry — it does not mean your blinds are low quality. As mentioned earlier, all window blinds are susceptible to occasional damage. Just don’t let the damage go totally ignored. If you are consistently experiencing the same problem with your window blinds, consider using another brand.

While no blinds are invincible, certain brands outperform their competitors. In particular, Graber window blinds are some of the most reliable. Not only do Graber window treatments offer you light control at the tip of your fingers, but they are available in a variety of materials — including traditionally beautiful wood, durable aluminum and versatile vinyl. So, regardless of your environment, style, or budget, there’s a Graber window blinds to meet your needs.

Get started

For over 40 years, we at WindowRama have provided perfect window and door solutions to Tri-State area homeowners — and we are proud to be your local Graber blinds dealer today.

As window professionals, we know that your ideal view is framed by more than just glass. That’s why we work with a partner who crafts custom blinds, drapes and shades to the highest standards.

Our professional, insured staff can make sure your new blinds are installed in accordance with Graber’s recommendations, and they can help keep your home cozy for years to come.

Reach out to our window and door professionals today to get started on your next project.

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