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Insert or Full-Frame Windows: What’s the Right Replacement Window Option for You?

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At some point in our lives as homeowners, we will likely delve into the world of replacement windows. Replacement windows are available in many configurations, styles, and materials. 

Having your windows replaced is one of the smartest home improvement projects a homeowner can make, but with so many choices, how do you decide which replacement window you need?

Window replacement begins with researching your available options and combining the knowledge with expert advice. Today, we discuss whether to use full-frame replacement windows or replacement window inserts. 

What Is the Difference Between a Full Frame Window and a Window Replacement Insert?

The primary difference between a full frame replacement window and a replacement window insert is the way they are installed. 

Andersen provides great options whether you choose a full frame replacement window, or an insert replacement window.

Supply chain and logistical concerns have plagued most of the construction industry, but some forward thinking replacement window companies have cracked the code. WindowRama invested heavily in Andersen window inventory, so they have in-stock replacement windows available right now.

Full-Frame Replacement 

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Full frame replacement windows include a nailing fin or other bracket to attach the replacement window to the exterior sheathing of a home. Full frame windows have a nailing flange that’s used to attach the window to the exterior of your home. This requires removing all interior and exterior trim, and in most cases, your siding.

Full-frame replacement windows are your best option if:

– There is rot in the window frame, trim, casing or sill
– You would like to change the size or shape of your window
– You are adding an addition to your home

Here is how the old window would be removed:

– Window stop is removed
– Window sash is removed
Interior and exterior trim are both removed and will need to be replaced
The window’s sill and frame are also removed and the rough opening is visible to the outdoors

Insert Replacementwindow insertwindow opening

Replacement window inserts do not use a nailing fin and are designed to be installed within the existing finished window frame. Insert replacement windows are often used to replace old wood framed window sashes while repurposing the original window frame, minimizing disruption to your home. Your view to the outdoors will be slightly smaller when going with insert windows.

Insert windows are a good option if:

– The existing frame is structurally sound
– You want to replace a worn window with a new window of the same size in the existing frame
– You want minimal disruption to your interior and exterior trim

Here is how the old window would be removed: 

– Window stop is removed
– Lower sash is removed
– Upper sash is removed

Should I Buy Full Frame Replacement Windows or Insert Replacement Windows?

If you need help deciding which replacement windows you need, the smart move is to locate a top quality window company and ask a replacement window expert. They will send a trained, qualified expert to evaluate your existing windows and look for signs that your windows need to be replaced. At WindowRama, we answer every question you have about your new replacement windows and make sure you get the most for your money.

Let Your Project Be Our Passion

At WindowRama, we are the premier window and door retailer. We offer Andersen windows and doors to the entire New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area. WindowRama also carries brands such as Infinity, United, and MI to provide you with a superior selection. Let your project be our passion. Contact us today for a consultation.

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