Landmark Building in Soho Gets an Update

Walker Street building gets an update

Think WindowRama is known for residential projects only? Think again. A commercial customer needed a solution for a landmark building on Walker Street in Soho, lower Manhattan. Every other floor on the office building’s facade had a different architectural design. WindowRama team members, working with Marvin Window & Doors distributor Super Enterprises and the architect, came up with a great solution to value engineer the project.

They proposed using ‘Variation 6’ Marvin Wood Ultimate Magnum Double Hung windows. This window type has a square window frame with arched glass in the sash to accommodate the unique design of the building’s exterior facade. The Marvin Wood Ultimate Magnum Double Hung window is designed for large residential openings, commercial applications and historic renovations. The window is available in sizes as large as 5 x 10 feet.

The windows were installed by builder M & R Builders out of Stamford, CT and were painted in the field with a landmark approved color.

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