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WindowRama believes in providing our valued customers with the most relevant information from Marvin Windows and Doors, Andersen Windows and Doors, as well as news from every product and manufacturer we carry.  We also highlight upcoming events across our WindowRama locations in NY, NJ, and CT.  Check in to see what is going on with us and our distributors! 

Revolutionary New Vinyl Single Hung Window!


2-Day Pick-Up Lead Time on Neuma Patio Doors

Ideal for replacement, every Neuma Door is crafted from the highest quality composite fiberglass with Hydroshield Technology creating the best combination of performance, durability, security and appearance.

Innovation, meet perfection!

United 8000 Series Vinyl Double Hung with Blinds Between-the-Glass with Low-E. Safe. Advanced. Remarkable.

  • Blinds available in White, Beige or Satin Grey with Energy Efficient Low-E

Great Entrances Start with Therma Tru Doors

Your home is so much more than just a living space. It's a personal expression of what's important to you. That's why Therma Tru continually updates its products to evolve with the styles that speak to you the most.

Ultrex® Fiberglass, Quite Possibly the Perfect Building Material

Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors are made with Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass, a material innovation pioneered over 20 years ago by Marvin. 

Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window

A contemporary classic, Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window and insert window blends traditional beauty with state-of-the-art window performance.


Now Stocking Popular Andersen Storm Doors

We're stocking popular sizes and styles of Andersen Series 10 and Series 8 Fullview Storm Doors in white. Three traditional hardware finishes are also available - Brass, Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Stamford Windowrama Open House

Receive $100 in Ramabucks toward your next purchase!

Join us on Thursday, March 15th from 5:00pm - 8pm for Food - Fun - Vendor Presentations - & Giveaways

Grand Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Promoting Wellbeing With Accessible Homes

When envisioning the perfect home for their family, Kiley and Jim agreed that accessibility was paramount—access to the outdoors, and access for their daughters, Langley and Boelyn, who have special needs and rely on their wheelchairs to get around.

Union Stables Case Study

Built in 1909, the 63,768-square-foot, four-story heavy-timber and masonry building stood silent for decades, tantalizing Ed Weinstein, FAIA, with a wealth of adaptive reuse possibilities to revive this landmark near Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Mixing Window Finishes For a Barely-There Look

The new design rules are that there are no rules, even when it comes to painting your window sash and frame in contrasting colors.

A Contemporary Do-Over for a Rotting Window Replacement Job

In the latest series of videos on Build with Matt Risinger, Austin-based builder Matt Risinger works on a stucco and stone house with a major rot problem. Un-clad wood windows were installed facing West towards storms and an unruly sprinkler system, meaning lots of moisture exposure.

What's Your Replacement Window Type?

Windows can crank, lift, glide, tilt and turn, move up, down and sideways. For homeowners who need to replace windows in their home, it can seem that options for the look and functionality to replace your old windows are endless.

A window company's clear vision

This Labor Day is all about honoring workers -- but sometimes a job is more than just a job. When there's a shared vision, it can make all the difference. Connor Knighton takes us to a manufacturer in Minnesota to see for himself.

Family friendly home improvements to consider this year

Consider switching it up and converting your office room into another bedroom, or even a play room for your children where they can store toys, clothes and games consoles.

Full Frame Replacement Method

A more thorough but seldom used method to replace windows is the full frame replacement method.  You may ask if this method is more thorough then why isn’t it used more frequently?  There are a few reasons why most people don’t use full frame replacement.

How to Choose A Front Door Color

Perhaps a sunny yellow one at a friend's house makes you feel especially welcome at a cottage-style home. Or, that bright red front door on a neighbor's house lends trend-forward detail to an updated ranch.

Making Sense of Mid-Century Modern

Time moves on, and now the huge wave of 20th-century buildings once cautiously christened as Modernism or the Recent Past-if recognized at all-are attracting overdue attention in building surveys and websites alike under the rubric Mid-Century Modern.

The Modern Bucolic

A backcountry house gets the modern treatment with bold vistas and exceptional energy efficiency.

Flashing Tips To Avoid Window Leak Paths

Even if you've done it hundreds of times, flashing tricky curves and corners in order to achieve the best watertight and energy-efficient seal can be a challenge.

Windows That Expose Your Bathroom To Light Without Exposing You

Windows offer up a practical and, depending on the size of the project, budget-friendly way to add attractiveness and extra light to your bathroom.

See several window ideas that'll expose your bathroom to light without exposing you.

7 Home Renovations You'll Get Your Money Back On

We may have year-round pool weather here, but building your dream pool might leave you underwater - they're usually home reno money pits.

Instead, here are the best fix-ups that almost always increase your home's value.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Matthew Heimer, senior editor of SmartMoney magazine, explains that energy proofing a house can actually cut annual utility bills in half.

Why It’s Time To Go Monochrome

When redesigning a room, the first question is, which color?

Design a room with a monochromatic color palette to bring elegance and simplicity to your interiors.

Why go monochrome?

Monochrome creates harmony because it’s all really one base color.

How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Front Door

Replacing your front entry door should provide good looks and value. An energy-efficient exterior door may trim 10% off your energy bills.

How do you know which door is right for you? Compare the three main materials available for exterior doors:; steel, fiberglass, and wood.

2017 Marvin Architects Challenge & Latest Design Trends

The new and diverse group of Marvin Architects Challenge-winning projects offer a personal take on the home and design trends the industry is buzzing about.

The winners of the competition brought a fresh perspective on some of the most popular design trends in the industry today.

How to Feng Shui Your Home in 7 Steps

Feng shui is all about harnessing the positive flow of energy in our environment to live happier days in and out of your home. Follow these 7 steps to feng shui your home.

Declutter your home

Architizer A+ Awards Recognize Companies

Several door and window companies are recipients of the 2017 Architizer A+ Awards that acknowledge and promote the year’s best architecture projects and products.

Winners of the Building Products – Windows & Doors category:

Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors Recognized as Top Brands in 2017

For the second year in a row BUILDER Magazine recognized Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows as top brands in the 2017 BUILDER Brand Use Study, an annual in-depth survey conducted by BUILDER.

Windowrama, Largest Independent Window & Door Dealer in Farmingdale

Windowrama, the Largest Independent Window and Door Dealer in the Northeast, Opens a Superstore in Farmingdale.

National Home Improvement Month

In honor of May, National Home Improvement Month, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is chapters and members with tools to get homeowners interested in remodeling this season.

Integrity Announces 2017 Red Diamond Achiever Awards

Integrity Windows and Doors has opened the door for entries for its 2017 Red Diamond Achiever (RDA) Award Program. RDA is an annual competition honoring the extraordinary work of industry professionals using Integrity window and door products in residential and commercial projects.

Window Safety Week: The Importance of Windows For An Emergency

Why is Window Safety Week Important?

Window Designs That Make Small Spaces Feel Big

Cutting down on square footage you don’t really need is a great way to simplify your life and save money, but it comes with certain design challenges. Keep your smart investment feeling bright and comfortable with a window design that helps it seem larger than it really is!

The Rise of The Traditional Home

In an age of Houzz and Pinterest, an unpredicted online buzz on both contemporary and traditional home design has inspired an openness to merging two distinctly different styles.

This Old House, Generation Next to Benefit mikeroweWORKS

In 2017 mikeroweWORKS is going to give away a lot of work ethic scholarships. We're not sure how many yet, but so far they have raised over $500,000, and they think that there is a lot more on the horizon.

9 Easy Home Upgrades for March

Make Tax Time Easier

Pull receipts, interest statements, and other crucial docs now to avoid future stress.

Retire Storm Windows

Cover and label them so you know which goes where, and store them vertically.

How to Stop Cold Air Leaks in Winter


  1. Install a door sweep along the bottom of exterior doors to block out cold air.
  2. Seal gaps between the dor and side jambs with long pieces of weather stripping.

How to Build a Space-Saving Workshop

The Building where Stefani Bachetti, who does research for an industrial-design firm, used to work had housed a large shop outfitted with a table saw, an assembly bench, and a drill press.

Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor

Architectural Digest asked Fanuka to describe what questions you should ask a contractor-and yourself-before selecting somebody for the job.

How To Decide On A Front Door That Speaks To You

Your front door has the potential to increase your home's curb appeal and property value, all while keeping your loved ones protected from potential intruders.

6 mind-blowing ways the Dynamic Dome is beating the competition

1. Yes, It Harvests Light

The dome's sidewalls are engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods, which would be morning and evening.

Marvin Invites Architects to Enter its 2017 Architects Challenge Design Competition

Marvin Windows and Doors invites architects to enter its 2017 Architects Challenge, a competition awarding prizes to residential and commercial design projects that exhibit creativity and ingenuity using Marvin windows and doors.

The Best Windows for Your Region

Just like shoes are made for certain environments - flip flops for the balmy beach, and boots for the bitter cold of winter - windows are made for certain geographic regions.

6 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House

When I bought my first house, my timing couldn't have been better: The house closing was two weeks before the lease was up on my apartment. That meant I could take my time packing and moving and I could get to know the new place before moving in.

5 Home Renovations You'll Want to Copy

How the heck do they do it?

How do your favorite fellow contractors attract so much attention and gain so many customers?

Well, take a look at the remarkable changes that these contractors did with VELUX skylights and see how easy it is for you to achieve the same.

10 Rules for Arranging Furniture

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you're faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming. But all you need to do is follow these common sense rules and you'll find that arranging furniture isn't so scary after all.

Weather the Storm with IMPACT Windows

Everybody wants windows that make an impact, but how many people insist on windows that can take an impact?

Cleaning Hacks to Add to Your Bag of Tricks

Be a better and faster cleaner with these clever ideas that use why-didn't-I-think-of-that tools and creative techniques that help take the work out of your chore list. So, tuck these ideas into your bag of tricks and consider your home cleaning done.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows, Doors, and Skylights

Looking to replace your windows, doors, or skylights? ENERGY STAR has listed the benefits to energy efficient home products that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also saves you money on energy costs.

Top 10 Innovations in Window Technology

These days we take windows for granted, but the past 60 years of evolving window technology are punctuated by developments that, at the time they were introduced, completely disrupted the design, composition, thermal properties, and manufacturing process of windows fo

Shore Style: Inside Out

Window walls - sliding glass systems that completely open a room to the outdoors - add a sense of drama to any home on the water. not only do they provide uninterrupted views, but they also seamlessly expand living spaces onto decks, terraces and more.

Pioneer Spirit Brings a Hand-Tooled House Back to Life

Meet the homeowners who won us over with their DIY skills and landed our 2016 Reader Remodel Contest top prize from Delta Faucet.

Marvin Windows and Doors

One of the happiest days in Jake Marvin's life took place eight years ago, when he asked family members involved with the business a tough question. 

Winter Survival Guide for Your House

Between freezing temperatures, snow, ice and wind, winter can be hard on your house. Watch this video for tips on how to:

Ways to Brighten a Winter Landscape

Create a Fireside Retreat

10 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

  • Check for Peeling Paint

November Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Fall gardening chores tend to have a “bedtime” theme – before your plants begin their long winter’s nap, they need to be tended and tucked cozily into their beds.

Easy Fall Prep for a Warm and Cozy Home

  • Install and Maintain Paths and Walkways

There is Something New with This Old House

Kevin, Norm, Roger, Richard and Tommy are back for the 37th season of This Old House, and this year, Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to sponsor the well-loved show. 

Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Chances are that the main reason you are replacing your old windows is to upgrade to more energy efficient models.

Autumn Maintenance Tips

Autumn Maintenance Tips

    How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

    Ideally, windows should be washed twice a year, but it's a task most people don't look forward to.

    How Green Should You Go? Energy Efficient Homes on the Homes by Architects Tour

    This year's tour features more energy efficient home designs than any other in its nine-year history.

    5 Tips to Cut Your Electricity Bill

    Cutting back on your energy usage is one of the best ways to bring down your electricity bill.

    Tips on Choosing an Energy Efficient Door

    When determining how to save energy in their home, many homeowners tend to overlook the effect of a poorly installed or outdated door. Much like windows, exterior doors lower the insulating value of the surrounding wall.

    Contemporary Collection Named 2016 Top 100 Product

    The Contemporary Collection was named one of the Top 100 Products for 2016.Weather Shield’s Contemporary Collection™ continues to gain attention from the builder and architect community.

    Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

    The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door isn’t just a panoramic door, it’s a completely new lifestyle. Slide open your door for phenomenal expansive views, fresh air and a tremendous amount of warm, natural light.

    Features include:

    5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

    Your home may not be able to verbally communicate with you, but it gives you signs when there is an issue. Windows are not everlasting; high quality, well-kept windows could last for 20 years or more with its many factors at play.

    Therma-Tru 2016 Door Do-over Sweepstakes

    Homeowners will have the chance to strengthen the curb appeal of their home with a new entryway in the Therma-Tru® Doors 2016 Door Do-Over Sweepstakes.

    Larger Casement & Awning Windows from Marvin featured in Professional Builder

    Contemporary architecture and design calls for large, energy-efficient windows with continuous range of glass.

    Integrity Named Best Fiberglass Window

    In the 2016 Brand Use Survey publication by BUILDER Magazine Integrity Windows and Doors was named the best window brand throughout all fiberglass windows.

    2016 Window & Door Trend Report by Architect Magazine

    A 2016 trend report from Architect Magazine showed how professionals in the window and door industry see improvement in energy efficiency and product design. Here’s what you can expect during spring, summer and beyond!

    Inside out, Outside In

    Marvin Windows and Doors Reveals Architects Challenge Clash

    The 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge has began another segment of the yearly contest called the Architects Challenge Showdown. In May, there were six architect-designed projects proclaimed as winners in their architectural sector as elected by a panel of professionals.

    New Hampshire Home Edgewater II

    In New Hampshire a town by the name of Harrisville Dan Scully from Daniel V. Architects firm remodeled a home known as Edgewater. Dan Scully was one of the victors of the Marvin Architect’s Challenge a client from Millwork Master.

    Quebec Home Wins 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge

    Marvin Windows and Doors announced the front-runners of its eighth annual Architects Challenge competition, including a Pontiac, QC home by architect Malcolm Wildeboer of Vandenberg and Wildeboer Architects in Ontario.

    2016 Marvin Architects Challenge Winners Announced

    The winners of the eighth annual Architects Challenge competition conducted at the American Institute Convention in Philadelphia.

    A Toast to Big Doors:

    There are many craft beer companies with cool breweries, restaurants, and taprooms, but Surly Brewing Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota has distinguished itself from the crowd.

    Oversized Windows and Glass Doors Improve Energy Efficiency

    Questions over expansive glass used to offer homeowners a tradeoff: accept poorer home energy performance and higher utility bills, or revamp the exterior wall to compensate for glass thermal loss.

    Andersen Windows and Doors to rejoin International Builders Show in 2017

    Window and door manufacturer Andersen Corp. is set to return to the International Builders Show in Orlando next year, where it will premier its most recent products and employee-led innovations.

    Integrity Windows and Doors Seeks Builders for Annual Competition

    FARGO, N.D., April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2016 Red Diamond Achiever (RDA) Award Program from Integrity® from Marvin Windows and Doors is now open for entry to builders, remodelers and architects who contributed to projects featuring Integrity windows and doors.

    Marvin Windows and Doors Now Accepting Entries for Architects Challenge Design Awards 2016

    WARROAD, Minn., Feb. 17, 2016/PRNewswire/ - Marvin Windows and Doors is now accepting submissions for its annual Architects Challenge design competition. This year, the company has added new prizes for the winning architects.

    Marvin Windows and Doors Displays Latest Products and Options at 2016 International Builders Show in Las Vegas

    Marvin Windows and Doors debuted innovative new products and options for builders and homeowners at the annual International Builders' Show in Las Vegas that took place January 19-21, 2016. Marvin's Contemporary Studio has expanded its coll

    Marvin Family of Brands Will Showcase Best in Contemporary Design at IBS 2016

    The International Builders' Show (IBS) is an annual event that showcases the construction industry's array of building products for the most important global manufacturers and suppliers.

    Marvin Windows and Doors Receives 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Award

    WARROAD, Minnesota/PRNewswire/ - Marvin Windows and Doors was the recipient of the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Award in the "Best in Class: Large Company" category at the awards presentation in Minneapolis.

    Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler 2015 "Best of" Lists include Products from the Marvin Family of Brands

    WARROAD, Minnesota, September 10, 2015 / PRNewswire / Scranton Gillette Communications, the publisher of numerous building trade publications, recognized two products from the Marvin Family of Brands in their Top 100 Products of 2015. 

    Integrity Windows: Energy-Efficient Beauty with Ultrex

    Multi-Housing News published an article featuring Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors and how their Ultrex fiberglass products are durable enough to withstand harsh elements, including baseballs. 

    Integrity Windows and Doors Marks 20th Anniversary in Fargo, ND

    July 30, 2015 - FARGO, North Dakota -- Integrity Windows and Doors marked its 20 year anniversary of making products in Fargo, North Dakota. The company celebrated with a picnic for employees and their families.

    Marvin Launches New Campaign for Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window

    WARROAD, Minn., June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Marvin Windows and Doors is launching a new campaign entitled, "A New Spin On a Classic," for their award-winning Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window.

    Study Shows Skylights Contribute to Home Energy Savings

    FORT MILLS, SC, May 25, 2015 - A VELUX America commissioned study showed results that adding venting skylights to your home resulted in energy cost savings versus a home without skylights.

    Marvin's Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is a 2015 PCBC Parade of Product Award Winner

    WARROAD, MN, May 12, 2015/PRNewswire/ -- Marvin Windows and Doors has been honored as a 2015 Parade of Products Awards (POP @ PCBC) winner for their new Ultimate Multi-Slide Door.

    Integrity Adds New Enhancements to Wood-Ultrex Double Hung Window

    FARGO, North Dakota, May 6, 2015 / PRNewswire -- Integrity Windows and Doors announced numerous enhancements to its Wood-Ultrex Double Hung windows. The Wood-Ultrex Double Hung Window by Integrity combines modern durability and traditional style.

    Marvin Introduces Contemporary Studio Collection

    WARROAD, MN. April 27, 2015 /PRNewswire

    Marvin Windows and Doors has introduced their new line called Marvin Contemporary Studio, which is a selection of popular Marvin solutions with a contemporary design style that has become a popular desire by many customers. 

    Marvin's Newest Addition to Its Scenic Doors Line: Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

    At the International Builders' Show back in January, Marvin Windows and Doors unveiled its latest addtion to its line of Scenic Doors - The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door.

    Emtek Debuts New Tumbled White Bronze Hardware at KBIS 2015

    Emtek Tumbled White Bronze

    2015 "Best of IBS" Award Goes to Marvin Windows and Doors Next Generation Double Hung

    WARROAD, MN. January 27, 2015 / PRNewswire

    Andersen Windows Showcases Windows and Doors

    Bayport, MN, October 4, 2014

    Marvin Windows and Doors Awarded with 2014 American Business Ethics Award

    Oct 27, 2014 -- The Foundation for Financial Service Professionals awarded Marvin Windows and Doors the 2014 American Business Ethics Award (ABEA) last Tuesday in Warroad, Minnesota.

    Therma-Tru Identifies and Meets 2015 Door Style Demands

    MAUMEE, Ohio, January 13, 2015/PRNewswire-iReach

    Marvin Brands to Showcase New Products at 2015 International Builders' Show

    WARROAD, MN - January 13, 2015

    Conserve Energy This Winter by Choosing the Right Windows

    DEC 15, 2014

    Therma-Tru Door Evaluation Day

    Homeowners looking to save on rising energy bills can start right at the front door. That's the advice of experts at Therma-Tru Corp. who suggest evaluating your main entry door at least once a year to determine the status of the door's operational capabilities and energy efficiency features.

    JELD-WEN Revs Up Premium Vinyl Windows

    With updated technology, more styling options and better performance that exceeds some of the most stringent industry standards, JELD-WEN’s newly enhanced Premium Vinyl window line has a lot for homeowners and builders to love.

    Simple Ideas to Refresh your Entry with Pella

    Pella offers tips on creating that Grand Entrance for your home, including transforming your home's curb appeal with a new entry door system by Pella.

    Fibrex: Andersen's Sustainable Frame Material

    Fibrex® material combines the strength and durability of wood with the maintenance ease of vinyl. It even offers builders and owners the comfort of choosing a sustainable, green building material.

    Integrity Windows Named Best Quality Fiberglass Window Brand by BUILDER

    Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors has been named the “Best Quality Fiberglass Window Brand” in a recent Brand Use Study conducted by BUILDER Magazine.

    Integrity Introduces New Insert Double Hung Replacement Window

    Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors continues to lead in the Remodel & Replace market with the introduction of the new Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung, available across the Tri-State at WindowRama.

    Andersen Energy Efficiency

    You hear a lot about making your home more energy efficient—how it can help to reduce high energy bills, improve comfort and help to protect the environment. But what does it all mean if you’re replacing or remodeling your home’s windows, or building a new home?

    Marvin Unveils Fully Integrated Interior Shade System

    Imagine an interior shade for your home with the versatility of opening from either the top or the bottom; the precision of virtually complete light control; and the beauty of sleek lines and fully concealed cords.