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The Best Windows for Your Region

Just like shoes are made for certain environments - flip flops for the balmy beach, and boots for the bitter cold of winter - windows are made for certain geographic regions.

You might be wondering why it's important to make sure your home is outfitted with the right kind of window and doors. Here's the scoop: The right choice can help ensure that your money won't fly out the window once the snow or rain starts flying outside. and you'll stay more comfortable inside, too.

No matter which area of the country you live in, Pella offers region-specific window options that are just right for your home. Here's your guide to shopping for windows by region:

Northeast Region

Style - The predominant classical architecture of this region makes it a great place for traditional window styles, like a single- or double-hung window. If your home is contemporary, however, casement and sliding windows will help you achieve the look you want. 

Glass - If you live in the northern part of the United States, you need something a little more insulated if you want to keep the cold of winter and the heat of summer out. Our AdvancedComfort Low-E insulating glass with argon blocks more of the sun's rays and keeps the winter outside where it belongs. For those brave enough to weather the bone-chilling temperatures of the far northern United States and Canada, your windows need glass that insulates from the cold while letting the sun's rays in. Our NaturalSun Low-E insulating glass with argon is specially designed to help you create a home that's as energy efficient as possible.

Northwest Region

Style - The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, and with the right windows, many homes can offer a striking view. Opt for sweeping bay or bow windows, or rows of large casement windows to let the beauty of the outdoors inside. Another idea: Consider a patio door. Pella's new Scenescape Multi-panel patio doors expand your horizons by eliminating barriers and opening your home to experience amplified scenic views. Our favorite thing about Scenescape doors? (other than the fact that they are downright gorgeous, of course.) With a wall pocket and stacking option, these doors are removable, so nothing will stand between you and your view.

Glass - InsulShield Advanced Low-E glass insulates well from both cold and heat. This type of thermal protection offers exceptional energy efficiency.

Midwest Region

Style - Because of the high winds that can whip through the Midwestern terrain, experts recommend casement windows, which are more resistant to blustery weather.

Glass - InsulShield Advanced Low-E glass insulates well from both the cold and heat. This type of thermal protection offers exceptional energy efficiency.

Southern Region

Style - Much like the Northeast, the South's charm and traditional architectural styles make double-hung windows a great, symmetrical choice. To complete the look, select a traditional grille pattern to go with your window.

Glass - Homes in southern states need a trusty sidekick when summer shows up. Our SunDefense Low-E insulating glass with argon features a unique Low-E coating made from three layers of thermal protection to greatly reduce solar heat gain while maximizing visible light - so you can beat the heat all summer long.

Coastal Regions

Style - Similar to the Northwest, sweeping bay or bow windows, or rows of casement windows will offer you the best views. Sliding windows are also an expansive, airy option for your enclosed porch or patio.

Glass - Windows with HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass are key here, because they offer a barrier against potential storms, hurricanes and winds. With an exceptionally strong polymer interlayer that's sandwiched between two sheets of glass, our HurricaneShield window glass is reinforced to withstand intense winds. 

Source: Pella