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Window and Door Parts

On the surface, windows and doors may seem like simple products. You open them, you close them, you keep them clean and they should last a long time. However, each window and door is made up of a number of different parts and pieces that may need to be replaced or repaired over time.

Take a sliding patio door for instance. Just think of how many times you use that door, over and over again. How about a double hung window? The repetitive motion of latching and unlatching, sliding up and down, or even tilting in for cleaning is bound to create at least some sort of weathering.

Basic Window Parts

Latches, handles, locks and fasteners. These are the parts of a window thatwould be considered “high touch” and as a result they’re likely to need some TLC throughout the life of a window.

And due to the extensive variety of window styles that are on the market, the corresponding hardware can be just as varied. What works for a double hung window, might not for a casement, awning or other type of window. With so many options, the key is to work with a professional who can guide you in the right direction.

Basic Door Parts

Locks and latches, handles, keepers and strikes, roller assemblies… they may sound unconventional, but they’re essential components that allow your patio door to function properly. And while some may be hidden away and are integrated into the door itself… some are in full view and may come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Since a door is a point of egress, it must adhere to certain safety standards and malfunctioning parts and pieces can jeopardize their integrity. Something as simple as a latch or wheel for a screen door can be the difference between a functional entryway and a safety hazard.

How do I Know it’s Time for New Window and Door Replacement Parts?

A few simple tests can let you know if you’re ready for some new hardware. For example, how secure are your sliding glass doors? Keep in mind, these doors can be relatively heavy, so you may notice they don’t “glide” as smoothly as they once did and may even get hung up while operating. If so, it could be due to an issue with the rollers, whether one or possibly more that have just outlived their usefulness. Another telltale sign could be a lockset that sticks. Even regular cleaning of the hardware might not prevent the mechanism from failing eventually.

If you’re curious about whether your window hardware is still performing well, there are a few ways to test their stability, as well. Try engaging the tilt latch several times in a row to see if it disengages and engages smoothly.

These are just some examples of window and door maintenance that could be needed.

How Can I Take Care of These Issues Right Away?

For those who aren’t ready for window and door replacement, the biggest question is likely, “where to begin?” That’s where we make it easy. At WindowRama, we have access to a wide variety of replacement parts from various manufacturers, across the entire spectrum of window and door shapes and styles.

So reach out to us at a showroom near you and we’ll help you start the process of getting your window and door parts back in great shape.

WindowRama also provides repair services in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland, Connecticut and New Jersey. Call 800-897-RAMA to schedule a repair appointment.

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