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Vinyl vs. Wood

Windows and Patio Doors: Vinyl vs. Wood

Keep the following things in mind when choosing your new windows. If you're still having trouble deciding, visit your local WindowRama showroom and ask one of our WindowRama sales associates for advice. They're factory-trained window and door experts!

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows and patio doors are typically made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and provide very good energy savings. For the budget minded consumer, they offer a great value in price versus performance. Available in standard sizes, they're also available in custom sizes and shapes. Vinyl is maintenance-free, since the vinyl color goes all the way through. They never need painting or touch-ups, since nicks and scratches don't show a different color. For all these reasons, vinyl windows are popular for direct replacement window applications.

Wood Windows

Wood windows offer exceptional energy savings, and come in an almost endless variety of standard sizes and shapes. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. A number of different exterior and interior coating options (cladding) are available that make them virtually maintenance-free. Wood windows are the choice when you need to match existing windows, and will add more resale value to your home than vinyl windows.


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